Guaranteed Sales within 45 Days

1. List your Car

Tell us about your car, set all the necessary parameters for our AI based negotiation software and it will set the optimal price range for your car, making sure you get the most out of it.


2. Get Committed Buyers/Leads

We will find interested buyers for your car and present and share any leads generated with you.


3. Finish the formalities

Once the buyer connects with you, let them inspect the car/ test drive and finish remaining formalities. Negotiated price is already locked in.


Why Choose Us?

Low Fees/ Guarantee

We charge our sellers only between 25$ and 50$ for car listing. We also reverse the listing fees if your vehicle is not sold within 45 days if listed within our suggested price ranges.

Sell at Full Price/ Finance or Lease

We also support leasing, new cars, old cars, OEM rebates, discounts, financing as long as our sellers have relationships with lenders.

Everything Online

The entire process, from setting the price of the car to introducing buyers and sellers, is done through our platform.

Ability to Upsell

If our sellers support home delivery and remote test drives, we support it and recommend it to our buyers

Data Protection

We generate leads, but we don't sell or share buyer data unless the buyer has agreed to share their personal information with the seller of a car.

Useful Reports

Our sellers receive comprehensive and detailed reports on the status and progress of their listings.

* Disclaimer:

1. We collect comprehensive data from various sources and our AI suggest ideal sales price.If your special deal price (for RoboNegotiator) is within this range, we guarantee 45 days sales or your listing fees are waived.

2. We take care of our customers' security seriously. In case, your buyers allowed to be contacted, we will also share generated leads for your car from our website.