Our virtual sales-bot/plug-in has been successfully tested
on all major e-Commerce platforms

Whether you have Magento, OpenCart, Shopify or a core PHP based site, the JavaScript based virtual sales-bot/ plugin is easy to configure and this plug-in has been tested on all major e-Commerce stores successfully. RoboNegotiator is supported by all major e-commerce platforms and our integration engineers are on standby to integrate our sales-bot into your website/ mobile app. With secured REST APIs, we also integrate easily in middle-ware/ platform systems. Engage with your online customers through any of the plugins below and watch your sales channels expand with RoboNegotiator!

Automotive Industry

Hospitality Industry

eCommerce Sellers

Supported Platforms

RoboNegotiator comes with plug-ins and integration modules catering to any technology preference.
Ask us how we can help you integrate RoboNegotiator in your own store/platform, some of the examples but not limited to are shared below:







How does it work?

  • Get API Key as part of subscription plan
  • Integrate RoboNegotiator on your own website/app
  • Upload Special Deals / Parameters for your

Technical Support

We support all technologies and each of these variants come with proper documentation, training videos, technical support and integration engineering during the beta phase.